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EasyCommerce - Logiciel de Gestion Commerciale

EasyCommerce - Business management software

SGGI announces the release of the new version of EasyCommerce software for business management. The software incorporates in new features to enhance the management process.


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Options EasyCommerce
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EasyCommerce Plus
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Contact management (prospects, customers and suppliers) Oui Oui
Sales management (quotes, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes, etc.) Oui Oui
Purchase management (purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.) Oui Oui
Stock management (Articles, prices, alerts, stock movements) Oui Oui
Payment management (Manage payment methods, enter customer/supplier payments, payment reminders and due dates) Oui Oui
Action tracking (Action to be taken, notifications, etc.) Oui Oui
Analysis (Statistics on sales, purchases, stock and customer debt) Oui Oui
Preparation of technical data sheets for finished products Oui
Stock management of raw material inventory Oui
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It is possible to evolve your configuration at your own pace
while keeping all of your data already entered...

Mono-Station Configuration

mono post

With this configuration you use the easiest way possiblewith one computer.

Multi-Station Configuration

multi post

This configuration allows you to access your data locally from several networked computers.

Multi-Station Configuration + Option via internet

multi post vias internet

The Multi-Station configuration + Option via the Internet guarantees you the best performance locally and you can access your data from any computer connected to the Internet