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L'agence de communication et de digital marketing Marrakech


SGGI - value creator since 2008 !

Acquire, Manage and Retain your customers with SGGI!

Founded in 2008 by experts with a common passion for new media technologies and a shared DNA of profitability, growth and branding, SGGI is defined by values that keep it focused on the mission of satisfying its market and making the customer experience outstanding.

Our return on investment and overall business development approach set us apart from an increasingly strong competition in a growing market. The added value we bring to our clients differentiates them from others as we apply our know-how and expertise to improve your presence, visibility and awareness and eventually your revenue.

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Our values
An alignment of business and ethics !

  • Integrity - Our mission is based on respect, loyalty and commitment to our clients and partners.
  • Expertise - We apply our know-how and experience for the benefit of an evolving market
  • Passion - We are passionate about our clients's success and we guarantee this value by being performance driven
  • Innovation and creativeness - We are more than an agency, we are a creative and brilliant ecosystem whose components work in perfect harmony to deliver the best of SGGI
  • Customer focus - We put our customers at the centre of our strategies and make it our priority to maximise their satisfaction and experience

What we do

We are digital marketing and communication specialists, providing value and guiding our clients in the implementation of their communication strategies and sales action plans in order to sell more, strengthen their multi-channel visibility and increase their turnover and return on investment.

  • Business management software
  • Website development and development
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • Search engine optimization (SEO, SEA)
  • Branding and visual identity
  • Web marketing (SMM, SMO, SMA)
  • Digital content creation and design
  • Mobile development (Android and IOS)
  • Technical service and hardware
  • Print and advertising support
Services agence de communication marrakech

Our expertise

Consisting of specialists and experts with a passion for the profession and united around the values of SGGI, a close-knit and caring team is available to assist and support you throughout your project.

Our purpose

The main goal of our agency is to make sure that our clients are well presented to their target customers through the communication tools and advertising devices that we master. You can also receive strategic guidance throughout your partnership with SGGI to ensure that your business flourishes.

Our approach

SGGI is transparent with its clients from negotiation to delivery and maintains a rigorous and continuous follow-up throughout the partnership.


Team spirit, innovation, creativity and respect for commitments are the cornerstones of SGGI's success, which we emphasise in order to better serve a large and growing client base.


Through its expertise and know-how since 2008, SGGI provides you with customised IT and digital solutions which are adapted to your requirements with the aim of guaranteeing you a lasting reputation and excellent visibility!



With more than 15 years of experience in the field, we are No. 1 in design and SEO of websites for professionals and companies in Marrakech and nation wide.



Specialists dedicated to the creation of your web project with assistance and follow-up throughout its life cycle.



At SGGI, we are committed to build a stimulating work environment and a space for exchange and freedom.



Transparency is the first step in the collaboration between professionals, which is necessary for the management of any web project.


Créateur de valeur depuis 2008 !


A dedicated, single point of contact, available 7 days a week in order to meet your expectations.


Creating a professional website within 7 days on average to be implemented as swiftly as possible.


Our goal is to bring you complete satisfaction in the achievement of that service. You will be assisted until the outcome is fully completed.