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Web content writing

Digital content creation

Boost your results with unique and creative content!

We know your audience and we think about your brand as a priority, that's why we develop a tailored content strategy for your business at every stage.

At SGGI, we convert our experience and imagination to produce creative, informative and optimized content for your target.

We guarantee our customers:

  • An increase in online traffic
  • Cost optimization
  • A generation of qualified leads

Our areas of expertise for the creation of relevant content are:

  • Social network content (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, tweeter, tiktok, snapchat)
  • Web content (website, online store)
  • Optimized SEO/SEA content
  • Graphic content (photos, videos, podcast)


SEO optimized Content

Indeed, it is not enough to just write a text or an article for your site to go up in the search results on Google, the goal is to ensure that your content responds precisely to the requests of Internet users, hence the importance of thinking upstream about the keywords on which you want to position yourself strategically.

Thanks to the study of your keywords, we ensure that your contents are correctly structured and marked out, a work of accompaniment is then brought to optimize your hot zones, namely the Meta tags (Title + meta description, etc....) of your pages as well as the titles H(n) within your contents SEO. It is on these elements that the Google algorithm is based in priority when it comes to crawling and indexing your website.


Content that leads to conversion

Focus on content that will convert! Yes, you can appeal to Google, but if the content proposed on your site does not interest Internet users and does not lead to sufficient conversions, it will be difficult to achieve your marketing and communication objectives.

We analyze your needs and understand your products and services in order to offer you qualitative and customized content with which you will succeed in convincing and converting your prospects into customers.

To do this, our teams propose content that promotes the user experience and encourages the user to navigate your website to find, in just a few clicks, the product that they are interested in.


Our SEO writing process methodology

  • Choose a strategic keywords
  • Conduct research on the semantics of this keyword
  • Study the expectations of the users towards the SEO strategy
  • Avoid over-optimization
  • Write useful content for the user and answer these questions
  • Respect the order of Hn tags
  • Optimize Hn tags with your SEO keywords
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