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Publicité Online (SEA/SMA)

Online advertising (SEA/SMA)

Get the most out of social media and reach the right target!

With the current digital evolution, we can now define online advertising as any action aimed at promoting your product, your service, your brand or your business with a group of Internet users and/or mobile users for a return on investment in perfect alignment with your communication strategy.

CAt SGGI and in order to generate maximum profits for your business from online advertising, we rely on the following channels:

  • Social Media Advertising (SMA)
  • Purchase of advertising space
  • Search Engine Adverising (SEA)
  • Paid online directories
  • Sponsored links
  • Affiliation
  • Email marketing (direct mail)
  • Purchase of space on a third-party site (banners, ads, videos, etc.)
  • Videos Advertising


Search Engine Adverising (SEA)

At SGGI, we carry out an adwords campaign that is well studied and focused on the requirement of your business, objectives and target and in perfect alignment with your means and your budget for a better return on investment.

Our team of experts ensures to optimize your results by creating suitable and relevant ads and content for you with a strong conversion potential to make your business profitable.

Why choose an adwords campaign for your web strategy?

At SGGI, we consider Google Ads as a great lever to improve your visibility and attract more prospects to your site by offering you many opportunities:

  • Gain better positioning
  • Reach as many Internet users as possible
  • Get a quick ROI
  • Pay only what works (cost per click, cost per print, cost per acquisition)
  • Get perfect targeting
  • Manage your advertising campaigns from start to finish
Référencement payant sur google Adwords


Social media advertising

Paid advertising on social media is a great way to advertise your events, your sponsorship operations, prospect and acquire new customers.

It’s a cost-effective way to promote your business and brand. This technique increases your notoriety while generating traffic on your pages and therefore profitability.

SGGI provides bespoke strategic support to be brilliant on digital platforms and gain more audiences.

  • Interaction campaign to boost your posts or get people to like your page
  • Traffic campaign to generate traffic to your site
  • Video views campaign to boost your videos
  • Lead acquisition campaign to retrieve the email of your prospects via a Facebook form
  • Conversion campaign to develop your sales


Why choose paid advertising on social media ?

Online advertising has many advantages over conventional advertising:

  • Low cost of broadcasting
  • Ability to reach a wide target
  • More visits for your online point of sale
  • More interactions for your posts
  • Accurate targeting of your audience
  • An effective measure of your return on investment
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