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Application mobile (Androïde et IOS)

Mobile applications development (Androïd & IOS)

Get more in touch with your mobile users!

At SGGI, the mobile application development is no longer a normal technical procedure of coding and lines, it is also our passion and our desire to deliver you an application that is perfectly tailored to your specific needs and suitable for a simple and easy use. We conduct a technical analysis of your requirements and then adopt a set of innovative technological and digital solutions in order to customise your application and bring your mobile users closer to you.

And keep in mind that behind every mobile application design, we try to put all our know-how and creativity to make it flexible and original.


How does a mobile application work?

A program you can download to your smartphone or tablet that includes a file that is set up and then run by your mobile's operating system. This file is coded in a development language specific to your device.

Developpement Application mobile

Why is a mobile application useful and valuable for your business? With over 75% of the population using a Smartphone, Having a mobile application designed for your business can be a real added value to develop your sales, share important information and above all be connected to your users and customers.

Practical, useful or entertaining, it has become necessary and indispensable. It is therefore relevant to ask yourself whether it is wise for your company or yourself to create its own mobile business application!


5 reasons to have a mobile application for your business!

  1. An optimized user experience
  2. A gain in visibility
  3. A loyalty tool
  4. An efficient customer appointment management
  5. A Stronger customer engagement


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